Nassau, New Providence – Just a few short months after relocating its operation to the Old Fort Bay Plaza, the New Providence Water Development Company is continuing its push toward improved customer service and convenience through the launch of its new Online Portal.

The newly designed website provides the full list of services offered by the company, along with valuable information regarding new and existing connections; providing access to downloadable versions of necessary forms and a platform for customers to register complaints.

The launch of the web portal is the latest in a series of major upgrades to the company’s facilities which have been designed to not only improve quality of products and services but transform the way customers are able to engage with the company as well. The company’s recent efforts also included the establishment of an online social media presence which has given customers the platform to receive real-time assistance and access to important information.

“Because so much of the what happens in today’s world is accomplished through technology it was important that we also followed suit, first through our social media and now through the launch of the website” explained CEO Andrew Symonette. “Technology-driven changes are just one element of the work we’re doing. We’ve also neared completion on our Reverse Osmosis Plant.”

The new state of the art facility represents a multi-million-dollar investment that will aid in the continued provision of a reliable and safe water supply to an expanded service area ranging from Lyford Cay, Old Fort, Mount Pleasant, and Serenity residential areas.

“We are hoping to have the plant completed by the end of the year with the new water being distributed at this time,” noted Symonette. “This is a little bit later than expected but it will have allowed us to complete new pipelines to service a significant amount of our 1500 customers.  The new plant will replace the existing pump house and, coupled with the new pipework, will allow us to improve the quality of the water distribution and the service provided.”